Thursday, 25 August 2011

Salasilah Keluarga - Folio Sejarah Tingkatan 1

Hi, girls and boys. Sorry for not posting any new folios for quite sometime due to some unavoidable reasons. I'll try to post some of my children's project in a few weeks time. By the way, if you need folio on Salasilah Keluarga and Tokoh Yang Saya Sanjung, please refer to my daughter,Vurmila's folio on Scribd. Just click on the title above. Have a nice day, take care.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sample of Folio Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan Tingkatan 2 - Tokoh Tempatan

Last year my daughter did a folio for Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan Tingkatan 2. Since they were supposed to come up with a folio on a Tokoh Tempatan that they idolize, she chose Professor Datuk Dr Mazlan, the first Malaysian lady to specialise in astronomy and astro-physics. This is how she did her opening page as creative as possible using black background and attractive pictures.

The opening page (cover)

The "Penghargaan" page was quite impressive with the heart shape in the centre. She used the craft scissors to cut the sides of the heading. A pantun will definitely add a special flavour to her "Penghargaan" page.

"Pengenalan" page was brief with more photos attached, to roughly show what is Prof. Datuk Dr Mazlan linked to. A bit of creativity  to the layout will definitely make the page more attractive.

Next, we have the "Kehidupan Awal" pages, explaining her schooling days and tertiary education. Attach photos to make it more interesting.

As for her "Kerjaya" page, she did it differently. All the details are written in folded cards according to the year to save space.

Next the "Perlantikan Lain" page. Do thorough research before doing any folios because then you will have more material to write about.

Next is the "Pencapaian" page. She used a  cloth  with a beautiful design as the background.

"Inovasi" page looks nice with Prof. Datuk Dr Mazlan's photo in a circle surrounded by all the details of her innovation.

Next will be the books she has written presented in an interesting way. The title of the books were written inside the cards(mock book covers).

All of Prof. Datuk Dr. Mazlan's achievements are listed down in the "Anugerah" page in a table-like design.

In the "Penutup" page, a simple conclusion on Prof. Datuk Dr Mazlan is written on the outside and inside of a hexagonal card. The arrow indicates that the card needs to be opened  to continue reading the conclusion on Prof. Datuk Dr Mazlan. It's part of her creativity.